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  • Swency

Digital educational material for teachers, students and schools. Hundreds of workbooks with more than 10000 different activities in different subjects and languages.

  • Exercises for ESL

Exercises for ESL. Do you work with students who have English as their second language? Language is the key to educational success. Our SWENCY database has many activities designed to help your students succeed and perfect their language skills.

  • Digitalization

You can digitalize your own teaching materials, and create formative assessments quickly and easily. Feel free to share your teaching materials with your colleagues!

  • Dual-language materials are available

We have dual-language activities from Swedish-Arabic,-Somali, -Persian and Turkish that will help anyone trying to improve their Swedish!

  • Weekly Quiz

There are weekly quizzes in different subjects, for example math and English. Teachers can easily create a weekly quiz for their own students using Swency’s platform.

  • Save time

You will save time prepping and grading assignments— the program will do it for you!

  • Follow your students progress

You can track your students’ improvement through their progress online. You’ll see which questions are the most difficult and can figure out what topics your students need to go over again.

  • Available for your phone, tablet or computer

The program can be accessed on any device for teachers and students.

  • Environmentally-friendly

You will use less paper and help us save the forests and our planet!

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Customer References

Johannes from Germany

"...I'm a teacher from Germany. A collegue of mine showed me your app. It's brilliant!..."

Santhej from USA

"...Your Swency looks very promising and could really hit the market in a completely different perspective..."

Balint, a student from Sweden

"...This app is great!..."

Tamás from Hungary

"...Swency is a solution to fill in a missing part in modern education..."

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